Thesaurus Absconditus Edition

Thesaurus Absconditus (TA) is a new edition project focused on the heritage of the old Czech literature (from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 19th century) which is being published by the Atlantis publishers from Brno.

TA follows the traditional editions like Living Writings of the Past and Jewels of the Old Czech Literature which unfortunately does not exist any more.

TA is the only edition in Czech Republic concentrating exclusively on the publishing of the old Czech literature.

TA is designed as an multiannual project. The plan of the edition intends to bring out at least one title a year (first volume entitled Good Land That Is Czech Land came out in 1998). The books of the selection have not been published yet or at least were not newly reedited and they represent different literary genres: books of travels, poetry, legends, chronicles, theatre plays, historical fiction etc. Production of the planned volumes is consulted with prominent literary historians and linguists.

TA is intended for regular as well as scholarly readers. The transcribed version should be, in future, followed by the electronic one on a CD (here, the books should come out in transcribed, transliterated versions and at the same time as a phototypy).

All TA volumes will keep the same style since they will consist of the transcribed text, an essay, annotations, explanatory notes, editor´s comments, a glossary and an index.

The TA edition is supervised by Martin Valášek, M.A. (Department of Czech Language of the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University) together with Lenka Jiroušková, M.A. (Institute for Classical Studies of the Academy of Sciences CR) and Jakub Krč.

TA plans to publish these volumes during the following years: 

Good Land That Is Czech Land (already published – 1998);
Ezop´s Fables, Cato´s Couplets, Father´s Advice to Son
(already published – 1999);
Šimon Lomnický of Budeč: Cupid´s Arrow
(already published – 2000);
Nathaneal Vodňanský of Uračov: Theatrum Mundi Minoris (already published – 2001);
Giovanni Battista Manni: Eternal Infernal Jail (already published – 2002);
Alžběta Jana Westonia: Changes of the Fate (2003).



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